Amazing Protein Glow Amazing Grass
TVP Bob's Red Mill

[Amazing Grass] Amazing Protein Glow VS TVP [Bob's Red Mill]

4.2 VSR
5.5 VSR
$ 2.82
per pure 25g protein
$ 0.62
15 g
per serving size
12 g
$ 1.69
per serving size
$ 0.30
Amino Acids / BCAAs
Enzymes / Probiotics
8 Vitamin(s): Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B5
2 Mineral(s): Iron, Sodium
Vitamins / Minerals
1 Mineral(s): Sodium
2 Flavor(s): Chocolate Rose, Vanilla Honeysuckle
2 Size(s): 11.1 oz, 12.2 oz
1 Size(s): 10 oz
Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow
Bob's Red Mill TVP
Our verdict

We’ve conducted an analysis of Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow and Bob's Red Mill TVP. 4.2 VSR - this amount Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow receives, so he is the winner, its competitor Bob's Red Mill TVP receives 5.5 VSR. The rating was affected in the first place by the price, the cost of 25 grams of pure protein of Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow is $ 2.82 as against $ 0.62 of Bob's Red Mill TVP. One serving of Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow contains 15 grams protein as against 12 grams in one Bob's Red Mill TVP serving. For a serving of Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow you will pay $ 1.69 , and a for a serving of Bob's Red Mill TVP you will have to pay $ 0.30.

The Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow composition contains minerals in an amount of 2 as against 1 in Bob's Red Mill TVP.

Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow is available in 2 flavors. Bob's Red Mill TVP has no taste, the manufacturer produces it unflavored.

Amazing Grass Amazing Protein Glow is available in 2 sizes. Bob's Red Mill TVP has just one size, 10 oz.

We recommend buying Bob's Red Mill TVP.

Same Nutrition Facts
2 g
total carbohydrate
7 g
1 g
dietary fiber
4 g
15 g
12 g
260 mg
2 mg
Effective for: Low levels of sodium in the blood
Possibly Effective for: Cystic fibrosis
Difference Nutrition Facts
Only in nutrition
Amazing Protein Glow Amazing Grass
Total Fat
1.5 g
Vitamin C
18 mg
Effective for: Vitamin C deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Protein in the urine; Irregular heartbeat; Emptying the colon before a colonoscopy; Common cold; Airway infections caused by exercise; Swelling of the stomach; Gout; High cholesterol; High blood pressure; Lead poisoning; Osteoarthritis; Pain after surgery; Sunburn; Wrinkled skin
Vitamin B1
1.2 mg
Effective for: Metabolic disorders; Thiamine deficiency; Brain disorder due to thiamine deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Kidney disease in people with diabetes; Painful menstruation
Vitamin B2
1.3 mg
Effective for: Preventing and treating low riboflavin levels
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Migraine headaches
Vitamin B3
3.2 mg
Effective for: Abnormal levels of blood fats; Treatment and prevention of niacin deficiency, and certain conditions related to niacin deficiency such as pellagra
Possibly Effective for: Metabolic syndrome; Abnormal levels of blood fats
Vitamin B6
1.7 mg
Effective for: Seizures; A condition in which the body makes abnormal red blood cells that build up iron ; Vitamin B6 deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Hardening of the arteries ; Kidney stones; Morning sickness; Premenstrual syndrome
Vitamin B9
80 mcg
Effective for: Folate deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Depression; High blood pressure; Gum disease in women who are pregnant; Stroke; Serious kidney disease ; Toxicity caused by the drug methotrexate; Birth defects of the brain and spine
Vitamin B7
30 mcg
Effective for: Biotin deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Biotin deficiency
Vitamin B5
2.5 mg
Effective for: Pantothenic acid deficiency
Possibly Effective for:
4.3 mg
Effective for: Low levels of red blood cells in people with a long-term illness; Low levels of healthy red blood cells due to iron deficiency; Low iron levels in women who are pregnant
Possibly Effective for: Memory and thinking skills; Heart failure
Only in nutrition
TVP Bob's Red Mill
Calories from Fat
3 g
Maybe Interesting
Amazing Protein Glow Amazing Grass
TVP Bob's Red Mill