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South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet, invented by dietitian Marie Almon and cardiologist Arthur Agatston, was named after an area in Miami. Now it is known as one of the most widely spread weight-loss eating plans.

Its authors designated it as an alternate to various low-fat diets popular in the 1980s. Doctor Agatston wanted to guard his patients against heart disease with the help of this program but later it turned out that his diet was effective for losing excessive weight.

Raw Food Diet

Some people say that a raw food diet is a way to perfect health. Its devotees assure that eating unprocessed, uncooked food contributes to clear skin, slim body, high energy, and many other health benefits. Others insist that these diets can result in undernourishment and different diseases. Who is right? Is eating raw healthy? Who can be a raw foodist? You will find the answers below.

How Does It Work?

The basic principle behind any raw diet (rawism, raw foodism) states that uncooked and unprocessed natural plant foods are the most salutary for the human body. Initially, raw food diets are not intended for losing weight though they can produce such an effect.

Mediterranean Diet

In short, the Mediterranean1 diet can be described as a salutary eating plan which is based on recipes and foods of the Mediterranean cookery. The diet incorporates eating patterns typical for Southern Italy, Spain, and Greece. The dieters eat much olive oil, vegetables, fish, legumes, whole grains, fruits, and some other products.

The Mediterranean diet was first advertised in 1945. Ancel Keys, the American nutritionist, publicized it. But the diet received universal recognition only in the 1990s, when Doctor Walter Willet published its new version. Nowadays, the Mediterranean diet is very popular in many countries of the world, including the USA and Great Britain.

Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse (also called The Juice Fast) is a popular diet, which has been known since the early years of the 1940s. Many people state that it is the most efficient program of its kind. Stanley Burroughs, who wrote “The Master Cleanser” book, assures that the diet has showed “eliminating and building ability”.

How Does It Work?

This program is a liquid detox1 and weight loss diet. It provides a sufficient amount of nutrients and calories, allowing your digestive system2 to rest and your body to cleanse and heal in a natural way.

Low Carb Diet

A “low carb diet” is the common term applied to different diets restricting consumption of carbohydrates1. There are many variants of low carbohydrate diets. They all emphasize protein and fat (poultry, eggs, vegetables, fish, etc), and limit carbohydrates (starchy vegetables, grains, etc).

As a rule, such diets are used to lose excessive weight and to prevent or treat various conditions and chronic diseases, like obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, epilepsy2, polycystic ovarian syndrome3, etc.

Juice Diet

Juice diets (or juice fasting) are detoxification1 programs restricting the menu to vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies. There are many variants of these diets and most of them do not require following their plans word for word. As a rule, they last three – seven days. People go on a juice diet in order to purge away toxins2 from their bodies, though some of them may have spiritual or religious reasons.

How Does It Work?

Most juice diets do not provide strict plans, but suggest general recommendations and sample menus. First of all, you should drink fresh juices. So you will need a juicer. High-speed models are cheaper, but you should better buy a low-speed one, as it is better for juicing leafy greens. You can also make juice using your blender if you do not want to purchase a juicer. Just process the ingredients and separate the juice from the pulp using cheesecloth. Fresh juice should be drunk within one day.

High Protein Diet

A protein1 high diet is an eating plan including very much protein. People start following this program if they suffer from certain health issues, like ulcers, burns, or cancer. Doctors often prescribe the diet for those who recover after illness or surgery, because protein promotes forming new tissue and healing wounds.

This meal plan is also used for losing weight as some dietician suppose that extra protein helps to control calorie consumption and restrain appetite.

Grapefruit Diet

This eating plan, which is also called the Hollywood diet, has been known since the 1930s. It has several variations. Some of them are very low in calories. Others limit consumption of carbohydrates. But all versions encourage eating grapefruits or drinking grapefruit juice with every meal. The most popular variant of the grapefruit diet lasts twelve days and promises that you will lose up to ten pounds.

How Does It Work?

The diet is based on the premise that grapefruits contain special enzymes1 which promote burning of body fat. Thus eating them each time when you have a meal is the most essential condition. 

Gluten Free Diet

The term “gluten-free diet” is used for a diet excluding products that contain gluten1. This mixture of proteins is present in cereal grains, like barley, wheat, triticale2, and rye. You should understand that “gluten-free” does not always indicate the complete absence of gluten. As a rule, it means its harmless level.

What Is the Purpose of a Gluten-Free Diet?

A gluten-free diet is a popular method of treating celiac disease3. In fact, it is the only treatment which is medically accepted.

Cabbage Soup Diet

This weight loss diet, mostly known as the cabbage soup1 diet, has a number of other names: Sacred Heart diet, Russian peasant diet, military cabbage soup diet, General Motors diet, Dolly Parton diet, cabbage stew diet, models diet, the skinny diet, etc. No one exactly knows where and when it was first originated. In its present form, it gained popularity in the eighties when it was revitalized as Dolly Parton diet. Later it was named the models diet.

Though various forms of the cabbage diet have some differences they all emphasize that dieters are allowed to eat as much low-calorie cabbage soup as they want.