AminoX Endurance & Recovery BSN
Amino Tech Universal Nutrition

[BSN] AminoX Endurance & Recovery VS Amino Tech [Universal Nutrition]

8.7 VSR
3.3 VSR
$ 0.29
per pure 5g amino acids
$ 3.24
10000 mg
Amino Acids
per serving size
1900 mg
$ 0.57
per serving size
$ 1.23
Calcium, Potassium
1 Vitamin(s): Vitamin D2
1 Mineral(s): Sodium
Vitamins / Minerals
6 Vitamin(s): Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5
3 Mineral(s): Calcium, Chromium, Potassium
7 Flavor(s): Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, Strawberry Dragonfruit, Strawberry Orange, Watermelon
2 Size(s): 15.3 oz, 2.23 oz
1 Size(s): 375 Tablet(s)
BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery
Universal Nutrition Amino Tech
Our verdict

We’ve conducted an analysis of BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery and Universal Nutrition Amino Tech. BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery is the winner in this battle and gets 8.7 VSR. Its rival Universal Nutrition Amino Tech receives 3.3 VSR. The colossal gap in rating was affected in the first place by the price of amino acids, thus 5 grams of amino acids of BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery will cost you $ 0.29, as against $ 3.24 of Universal Nutrition Amino Tech. One serving of BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery contains 10000 mg amino acids as against 1900 mg of Universal Nutrition Amino Tech. For a serving of BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery you will pay $ 0.57 , and a for a serving of Universal Nutrition Amino Tech you will have to pay $ 1.23.

The BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery composition contains electrolytes in an amount of 1 as against 2 in Universal Nutrition Amino Tech, BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery contains vitamins 1 as against 6 in Universal Nutrition Amino Tech, BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery contains minerals 1 as against 3 in Universal Nutrition Amino Tech.

Also Universal Nutrition Amino Tech contains hydration supplements in an amount of 1.

BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery is available in 7 flavors. Universal Nutrition Amino Tech has no taste, the manufacturer produces it unflavored.

BSN makes available 2 different sizes of AminoX Endurance & Recovery. Universal Nutrition Amino Tech has just one size, 375 Tablet(s).

We recommend buying BSN AminoX Endurance & Recovery.

Difference Nutrition Facts
Only in nutrition
AminoX Endurance & Recovery BSN
Total Carbohydrate
1 g
Vitamin D2
12.5 mcg
Effective for: A rare, inherited bone disorder marked by low levels of phosphate in the blood; A rare disorder that can lead to bone and kidney damage; Underactive parathyroid; Softening of the bones; A bone disorder that occurs in people with kidney disease; Rickets; Vitamin D deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Cavities; Heart failure; Infection of the airways; Preventing tooth loss; Weak and brittle bones; Psoriasis
170 mg
Effective for: Low levels of sodium in the blood
Possibly Effective for: Cystic fibrosis
Amino Acid Blend
10 g
Micronized BCAA Blend (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine), L-Alanine, Micronized Taurine, Micronized L-Citrulline
Efforsorb Endura Composite
2 g
Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cholecalciferol
Only in nutrition
Amino Tech Universal Nutrition
12 g
Vitamin B1
2.5 mg
Effective for: Metabolic disorders; Thiamine deficiency; Brain disorder due to thiamine deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Kidney disease in people with diabetes; Painful menstruation
Vitamin B2
2.5 mg
Effective for: Preventing and treating low riboflavin levels
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Migraine headaches
Vitamin B3
20 mg
Effective for: Abnormal levels of blood fats; Treatment and prevention of niacin deficiency, and certain conditions related to niacin deficiency such as pellagra
Possibly Effective for: Metabolic syndrome; Abnormal levels of blood fats
Vitamin B6
4 mg
Effective for: Seizures; A condition in which the body makes abnormal red blood cells that build up iron ; Vitamin B6 deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Hardening of the arteries ; Kidney stones; Morning sickness; Premenstrual syndrome
Vitamin B12
12 mcg
Effective for: Inherited Vitamin B12 deficiency; Pernicious anemia; Vitamin B12 deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Canker sores; Nerve damage from shingles; Cyanide poisoning; High level of homocysteine in the blood
Vitamin B5
15 mg
Effective for: Pantothenic acid deficiency
Possibly Effective for:
500 mg
Effective for: Indigestion; High levels of potassium in the blood; Low levels of calcium in the blood; Kidney failure
Possibly Effective for: Colon cancer, rectal cancer; High cholesterol; High blood pressure; Preventing tooth loss; Overactive parathyroid; Weak and brittle bones; Premenstrual syndrome
10 mcg
Effective for: Chromium deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Diabetes
44 mg
Effective for: Low levels of potassium in the blood
Possibly Effective for: Stroke; High blood pressure
L-Lysine HCL
850 mg
50 mg
as L-Carnitine fumarate
75 mg
45 mg
L-Glutamic Acid
1000 mg
15 mg
Digestive Enzyme Blend
80 mg
Papain, Bromelain
Maybe Interesting
AminoX Endurance & Recovery BSN
Amino Tech Universal Nutrition