Plus Protein Atkins
MediClear Plus Thorne Research

[Atkins] Plus Protein VS MediClear Plus [Thorne Research]

4.6 VSR
$ 3.18
per pure 25g protein
$ 3.99
30 g
per serving size
20 g
$ 3.81
per serving size
$ 3.19
Amino Acids / BCAAs
Amino Total: 2.84 g
Enzymes / Probiotics
2 Mineral(s): Sodium, Potassium
Vitamins / Minerals
12 Vitamin(s): Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B5
12 Mineral(s): Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Sodium, Potassium, Boron, Vanadium
2 Flavor(s): Creamy Milk Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla
1 Size(s): 4 Container(s)
1 Size(s): 26.8 oz
Atkins Plus Protein
Thorne Research MediClear Plus
Our verdict

After our analysis, we came to the conclusion. 4.6 VSR - that’s how many Atkins Plus Protein earns, so he wins, its opponent Thorne Research MediClear Plus gains 3 VSR. The colossal gap in rating was affected in the first place by the price of protein, thus 25 grams of pure protein of Atkins Plus Protein going to cost you $ 3.18, as against $ 3.99 of Thorne Research MediClear Plus. One serving of Atkins Plus Protein contains 30 grams protein as against 20 grams in one Thorne Research MediClear Plus serving. For a serving of Atkins Plus Protein you will pay $ 3.81 , and a for a serving of Thorne Research MediClear Plus you will have to pay $ 3.19.

The Atkins Plus Protein composition contains minerals in an amount of 2 as against 12 in Thorne Research MediClear Plus.

In the composition of Thorne Research MediClear Plus we found the 6 amino acids, 12 vitamins.

Atkins Plus Protein is available in 2 flavors. Thorne Research MediClear Plus has no taste, the manufacturer makes it unflavored.

Atkins Plus Protein and Thorne Research MediClear Plus have only one size, Atkins Plus Protein has 4 container(s) and Thorne Research MediClear Plus has 26.8 oz.

We recommend buying Atkins Plus Protein.

Same Nutrition Facts
calories from fat
5 g
total fat
2.5 g
200 mg
190 mg
Effective for: Low levels of sodium in the blood
Possibly Effective for: Cystic fibrosis
160 mg
100 mg
as Potassium Citrate
Effective for: Low levels of potassium in the blood
Possibly Effective for: Stroke; High blood pressure
8 g
total carbohydrate
2 g
7 g
dietary fiber
1 g
30 g
20 g
Difference Nutrition Facts
Only in nutrition
Plus Protein Atkins
Monounsaturated Fat
4 g
20 mg
1 g
Only in nutrition
MediClear Plus Thorne Research
Saturated Fat
1.5 g
Vitamin A
1.5 mg
3000 IU/900 mcg RAE as Beta Carotene and 2000 IU/600 mcg RAE as Palmitate
Effective for: Vitamin A deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Breast cancer; Cataracts; Measles; Precancerous lesions in the mouth ; Overall mortality; Diarrhea after giving birth; Pregnancy-related death; Pregnancy-related night blindness; Eye disease affecting the retina
Vitamin C
300 mg
Ascorbic Acid
Effective for: Vitamin C deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Protein in the urine; Irregular heartbeat; Emptying the colon before a colonoscopy; Common cold; Airway infections caused by exercise; Swelling of the stomach; Gout; High cholesterol; High blood pressure; Lead poisoning; Osteoarthritis; Pain after surgery; Sunburn; Wrinkled skin
Vitamin D3
400 IU
Effective for: A rare, inherited bone disorder marked by low levels of phosphate in the blood; A rare disorder that can lead to bone and kidney damage; Underactive parathyroid; Softening of the bones; A bone disorder that occurs in people with kidney disease; Rickets; Vitamin D deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Cavities; Heart failure; Infection of the airways; Preventing tooth loss; Weak and brittle bones; Psoriasis
Vitamin E
80.6 mg
110 IU/73.9 mg as d-Alpha Tocopherol and 10 IU/6.7 mg as d-Alpha Tocopherol from 88.7 mg Mixed Tocopherols
Effective for: An inherited condition that affects motor control; Vitamin E deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Alzheimer disease; Menstrual cramps; A type of non-cancerous skin sore; Bleeding within the skull; Parkinson disease; Recovery from laser eye surgery; Premenstrual syndrome; Physical performance in elderly adults; Rheumatoid arthritis; Sunburn; Swelling of the eye
Vitamin B1
12 mg
as Thiamin HCl
Effective for: Metabolic disorders; Thiamine deficiency; Brain disorder due to thiamine deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Kidney disease in people with diabetes; Painful menstruation
Vitamin B2
5 mg
as Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate Sodium
Effective for: Preventing and treating low riboflavin levels
Possibly Effective for: Cataracts; Migraine headaches
Vitamin B3
38 mg
30 mg as Niacinamide and 8 mg as Niacin
Effective for: Abnormal levels of blood fats; Treatment and prevention of niacin deficiency, and certain conditions related to niacin deficiency such as pellagra
Possibly Effective for: Metabolic syndrome; Abnormal levels of blood fats
Vitamin B6
10 mg
as Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate
Effective for: Seizures; A condition in which the body makes abnormal red blood cells that build up iron ; Vitamin B6 deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Hardening of the arteries ; Kidney stones; Morning sickness; Premenstrual syndrome
Vitamin B9
300 mcg
as L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate from L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid, Glucosamine Salt
Effective for: Folate deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Depression; High blood pressure; Gum disease in women who are pregnant; Stroke; Serious kidney disease ; Toxicity caused by the drug methotrexate; Birth defects of the brain and spine
Vitamin B12
50 mcg
as Methylcobalamin
Effective for: Inherited Vitamin B12 deficiency; Pernicious anemia; Vitamin B12 deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Canker sores; Nerve damage from shingles; Cyanide poisoning; High level of homocysteine in the blood
Vitamin B7
150 mcg
Effective for: Biotin deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Biotin deficiency
Vitamin B5
50 mg
as Calcium Pantothenate
Effective for: Pantothenic acid deficiency
Possibly Effective for:
300 mg
as Calcium Citrate
Effective for: Indigestion; High levels of potassium in the blood; Low levels of calcium in the blood; Kidney failure
Possibly Effective for: Colon cancer, rectal cancer; High cholesterol; High blood pressure; Preventing tooth loss; Overactive parathyroid; Weak and brittle bones; Premenstrual syndrome
5 mg
Effective for: Low levels of red blood cells in people with a long-term illness; Low levels of healthy red blood cells due to iron deficiency; Low iron levels in women who are pregnant
Possibly Effective for: Memory and thinking skills; Heart failure
150 mg
as Magnesium Citrate
Effective for: Constipation; Indigestion; Seizures in women with pre-eclampsia; Low levels of magnesium in the blood; A pregnancy complication marked by high blood pressure and protein in the urine
Possibly Effective for: Irregular heartbeat; Asthma; Nerve pain in people with cancer; Cerebral palsy; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Cluster headache; Colon cancer, rectal cancer; Heart disease; Cystic fibrosis; Diabetes; Fibromyalgia; Hearing loss; High cholesterol; A disease of heart valves; Weak and brittle bones; Pain after surgery; Premenstrual syndrome; Chest pain due to blood vessel spasms; A type of irregular heartbeat
10 mg
as TRACCS Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate
Effective for: Zinc deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Acne; A disorder of zinc deficiency; An eating disorder; Burns; Common cold; Depression; Foot sores in people with diabetes; Diaper rash; A mild form of gum disease; Bad breath; Cold sores; Reduced ability to taste; Leprosy; Muscle cramps; Weak and brittle bones; Stomach ulcers; Sore throat; Pneumonia; Preterm birth; Bed sores; Sickle cell disease; Vitamin A deficiency; Warts; Diarrhea
70 mcg
as L-Selenomethionine
Effective for: Selenium deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Selenium deficiency
1.5 mg
as TRAACS Manganese Bisglycinate Chelate
Effective for: Manganese deficiency
Possibly Effective for:
100 mcg
as TRAACS Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate
Effective for: Chromium deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Diabetes
50 mcg
as TRAACS Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate
Effective for: Molybdenum deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Molybdenum deficiency
Protein Blend
25.53 g
Pea Protein Isolate. Rice Protein
1.65 g
Medium Chain Triglycerides
1.5 g
500 mg
500 mg
as L-Lysine Monohydrochloride
Curcumin Phytosome
400 mg
Curcuma longa extract, root / Phosphatidylcholine complex
Milk Thistle
250 mg
extract, fruit, Silybum marianum
110 mg
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
100 mg
100 mg
Grape Seed Phytosome
50 mg
Vitis vinifera extract / Phosphatidylcholine complex
50 mg
Green Tea
50 mg
Phytosome, Camellia sinensis extract, leaf / Phosphatidylcholine complex
N-Acetyl Cysteine
50 mg
30 mg
as Choline Citrate
25 mg
100 mcg
as Bororganic Boron Glycinate Complex
Effective for: Boron deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Painful periods; Vaginal infections; Boron deficiency
60 mcg
from Aztec Marigold extract, flower, Targetes erecta
50 mcg
as Vanadium Citrate
Effective for: Vanadium deficiency
Possibly Effective for: Vanadium deficiency
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